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Eight Things To Love About Australian Mosquitoes

28 December 2016

Cameron Webb *Love Australian wildlife? Fascinated by their ability to adapt to our diverse, often hard but incredibly unique habitats? Let me introduce to you the champions of adaptation, the humble, but often extremely annoying, mosquito.* There are hundreds of different...   Read more…

The Photographic Sublime: Australasian Nature Photography

6 October 2016

Australasian Nature Photography It is easy to see why photography and nature fit so seamlessly into each other’s hands. In early documentations of animals, plants and landscapes, it was never enough for the author to simply describe a natural...   Read more…

The Art of Science: A New Publication on the Discoveries of Nicolas Baudin

24 August 2016

Reviewed by Rachel Fetherston When the ships Géographe and Naturaliste departed from France at the beginning of the Nineteenth Century, the Western world could not anticipate what explorer Nicolas Baudin and his team would accomplish. Collecting over 100,000 specimens of...   Read more…

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